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23mm Wide Rims VS 25mm Wide Rims

More Clients ask more about the differene about 23mm wide rims and 25mm wide rims.

1 What is 23mm wide rims and 25mm wide rims?

Following is the picture show for you.

23mm wide rim CarbonBikeKits |CBK Bike      25mm wide rims CarbonBikeKits |CBK Bike




1) Shape: 23mm wide rims is V shape, 25mm Wide is U shape.

2)Weight:25mm wide rim  weight hight than 23mm wide rim.

3)25mm wide rims more aerodynamic, more and more big brand wheels use 25mm wide now.

4) Wide Tires have less rolling Resistance!

CarbonBikeKits |CBK Bike



So, wide rims is better ,But  you must check your frame's fork size before you buy a rims, because more frames just fit 23mm wide rims.