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  1. CBK TR50C 23mm wide Full carbon 50mm Tubeless rims

CBK TR50C 23mm wide Full carbon 50mm Tubeless rims

  • Modello:TR50C
  • Materiale:High TG Toray Carbon Fiber T700
  • Misura:700C
  • Larghezza:23mm
  • Altezza profilo:50mm
  • Tipo cerchio:Tubeless
  • Fori raggi:16/18/20/24/28/32H
  • Finitura:3K/UD
  • Superficie frenante:Basalt
  • Peso:470±15g
  • ERD538.4
  • Garanzia:2 Years
  1. Detail
Testing Standard   Inspection Standard   Other
Compressive Strength > 400kg Roundness < 0.5 Max tyre pressure 125psi/8.5bars
Vertical Stiffness(40kg) < 0.5mm Dynamic Equilibrium < 2g Max weight limit 100kg/225lbs
Horizontal Stiffness(11.5kg) < 4.2 Spoke Hole's Diameter 4.5mm Max spoke tension 300kgf
Spoles Tension > 300kg Groov's Depth 8.4mm Decal Customized
Impact 80J Valve's Diameter 6.5mm Standard EN Standard
Wheel Impact 100J Brake Surface's Flatness <0.25(Both Side) Warranty 2 Years


One Piece Molding-New Processing on carbon rims:Stronger and stabilized structure Better Finish.

Triangle Design:Stronger and stabilized structure Maintain the stiffness of the resin system.

Extra Carbon Fiber Strip :Reinforced on spoke hole Ensure the rims will not be damaged if a spoke breaks.

Lightweight Design:As much as possible less weight Light weight wheels provide much better acceleration and climb.

Basalt Brake Surface :Braking process under control More safety for riders high durability, wear reduced.


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